ZEISS 7MP Dual Scan System


Name Magnification Medium Numerical Aperture Working Distance (mm) Additional Features
WPlan-APOCHROMAT 20x/1.0 Zeiss number 421452-9600 20x Water 1.0 2.4

Excitation Source: Coherent Chameleon Ultra II

Laser Lines: 680-1080nm

Detectors: Zeiss BiG (two GaAsP PMTs)
Filters: GFP/Alexa 594 C159000 GDP.1117782.7340
Cameras: IR camera

Suggested Software: Zeiss Zen

Additional Information:

  • FLIM using Becker and Hickl hardware including Hybrid PMT

Metadata Instrument Identifier: ninc-zeiss-7mpdual

If you are annotating your data in preparation for data deposit or format conversion (to Neurodata without borders or other file type for long term preservation) please include the above identifier to indicate the data was taken with this instrument.

Serial Number: 2483000107

Citation Guidelines: To describe the NINC Zeiss 7MP Dual Scan in your paper’s methods section please modify this example:

“Images were collected on a Zeiss 7MP MLO microscope equipped with a Coherent Chameleon Ultra II laser and BiG GaAsP detector. Fluorophores were excited at [IR wavelength of 800nm or 920nm, etc] and emission was collected with a Zeiss Plan-APOCHROMAT ZEISS no. 421452-9600 20x/1.0 objective lens.”