Zeiss 7MP Dual Scan System:

Metadata Instrument Identifier: ninc-leica-sp8

If you are annotating your data in preparation for data deposit or format conversion (to Neurodata without borders or other file type for long term preservation) please include the above identifier to indicate the data was taken with this instrument.

Paper Acknowledgement Section Suggested text:

If you are publishing your work and have used NINC resources in your project please use the following text including the persistent identifier for NINC (Research Resource ID, RRID):

This work was supported by resources made available through the Dynamic Brain Circuits cluster and the NeuroImaging and NeuroComputation Centre at the UBC Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health (RRID:SCR_019086).”

Paper Methods Section Example Microscope Description:

To describe the NINC Leica SP8 Microscope in your paper’s methods section please modify this example: “Images were collected on a Leica SP8 Confocal Microscope equipped with a white light and conventional lasers. Fluorophores were excited with <list wavelengths> and emission was collected in these <list wavelength ranges> wavelength ranges with a <10, 25, 40, and/or 63X> objective lens.”

Wavelengths of excitation and wavelength ranges for emission are in the metadata of the .lif files from the Leica scope. Please contact Jeffrey LeDue (jledue@mail.ubc.ca) if you need help finding this information and tailoring the above statement.

Suggested Software:

The NINC Leica SP8 confocal microscope saves images in Leica’s .lif format. The .lif format is atypical in that many images are stored in one file. Exporting tiffs and jpegs from the Leica Application Suite (LASX) acquisition software is not recommended as this can cause loss of metadata (e.g. the physical scale of the image). Please download and install the Fiji versions of imagej. Fiji uses the Bio-Formats importer to work directly with .lif files.

Access and Training:

Access to the NINC Leica SP8 confocal microscope is restricted to trained users from NINC member labs. If your lab needs NINC membership please contact Daphne Druick in DMCBH Administration (ddruick@mail.ubc.ca) and cc Jeffrey LeDue (jledue@mail.ubc.ca) to arrange payment of membership fees. Training sessions are included in the NINC membership fee. Please contact Jeffrey LeDue (jledue@mail.ubc.ca) to arrange a training session.