NINC Computer – Front Row Right Seat

Hardware details:

This PC (asset numbers: FACMED008565, FACMED004936) is equipped with:

  • GPU: 8 GB vRAM, GeForce GTX-1070
  • 256 GB RAM
  • 1 TB SSD for Win10 and separate 1TB SSD for Linux (home folders and scratch space)
  • 3TB HDD for Data

Available Software:

NINC PC’s have UBC supported software, NINC supported software and freely available software installed. For trouble UBC supported software please contact MedIT service desk: and cc For trouble with NINC supported software and freely available software, please contact

In Windows:

  • UBC Supported: Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat, Photoshop
  • UBC Supported: Microsoft Office, Teams
  • UBC Supported: Matlab
  • NINC Supported: Solidworks, Arivis Vision 4D
  • Freely Available: ImageJ (located on D:), R/RStudio, Zeiss Zen, Leica LAS

In Linux:

  • UBC Supported: Matlab
  • Freely Available: FSL

Paper Acknowledgement Section Suggested text:

If you are publishing your work and have used NINC resources in your project please use the following text including the persistent identifier for NINC (Research Resource ID, RRID):

This work was supported by resources made available through the Dynamic Brain Circuits cluster and the NeuroImaging and NeuroComputation Centre at the UBC Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health (RRID:SCR_019086).”

Paper Methods Section Example Microscope Description:

To describe the NINC PC in your paper’s methods section please modify this example: “Data was <processed, analyzed> using <software, e.g. Matlab, ImageJ> equipped with <relevant hardware specs from the above list, e.g. a Quadro RTX 1070 GPU>.”

Access and Training:

Access to the NINC PCs is restricted to users from NINC member labs. If your lab needs NINC membership please contact Daphne Druick in DMCBH Administration ( and cc Jeffrey LeDue ( to arrange payment of membership fees. Training and help with research software setup is available through the Dynamic Brain Circuits cluster. Please contact Jeffrey LeDue ( for more info.