iMAP Fiber Photometry 1

Metadata Instrument Identifier: imap-fibphot-1

If you are annotating your data in preparation for data deposit or format conversion (to Neurodata without borders or other file type for long term preservation) please include the above identifier to indicate the data was taken with this instrument.

Paper Acknowledgement Section Suggested text:

If you are publishing your work and have used NINC resources in your project please use the following text including the persistent identifier for NINC (Research Resource ID, RRID):

This work was supported by resources made available through the Dynamic Brain Circuits cluster and the NeuroImaging and NeuroComputation Centre at the UBC Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health (RRID:SCR_019086).”

Paper Methods Section Example Instrument Description:

To describe the iMAP Fiber Photometry system in your paper’s methods section please modify this example: “Fiber Photometry recordings were collected using a Tucker Davis Technologies RZ10x Fiber Photometry Processor with built in excitation LEDs of wavelength <Lx405 nm, Lx465 nm, Lx560 nm> with 405nm serving as the isosbestic control signal. Fluorescence was measured with built in LxPS1 sensors at <500-540nm for green and/or 580-680nm>. Optical signals were routed to and from the subject using a Doric mini-cube.

Please contact Jeffrey LeDue ( if you need help finding this information and tailoring the above statement.

Suggested Software:

Fiber Photometry Data Analysis is usually conducted in Matlab or python. Code is available from TDT and we have assembled a guide on UBC oneDrive. Please contact for access. Additional support is available through the Brain Circuits cluster Databinge meeting.

Access and Training:

Access to iMAP equipment is restricted to trained users from the iMAP Project team. Due to the complexity and expense of iMAP equipment, this project has its own fee structure and oversight committee. If your lab is interested in joining the iMAP Project please contact Jeffrey LeDue ( initiate a request to the oversight committee.